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Coprinox SSR reactors are characterized by their sturdy construction and multi-purpose design.
Built almost entirely in stainless steel they can be used in chemical, resin and pharmaceutical processing.
Standard models' range is characterized by precise engineering, efficient design and are manufactured according to high production skills.
Some customizations are possible, in order to achieve better customers' needs.
The main advantages (features already included as standard) between our reactors and those made from competitors are:
-Multi purpose design
-Fully stainless steel construction
-Anchor+ middle blade agitator
-Full metal shaft
-Double mechanical seal
-SEW Eurodrive gearbox
-DIN agitator flanging, with intermediate flanging for easy disassembly
-Top quality manhole with forged clamps
-PED certification
-Product and components entirely made in Italy and Europe
-Some models available in stock, for
immediate installation